Identity Culture

I come from a mixed background and have always been interested in exploring the many layers that create someone's identity.

I believe that the most genuine content hones in on a present truth, which is often linked to a reader's sense of self and perception of the world around them. 

I also use my writing to explore how different identities relate to each other and how we can play with stereotypes to generate positive social change.


Social Patterns

I'm a social anthropologist at heart.

My stories, blogs, branding and copywriting are inspired by the people around  me who keep my finger on the pulse. 

I try to constantly put myself in other people's shoes to understand what readers want and to keep my writing relevant without comprising on style and voice. 

I'm especially interested in the individual vs. society and how one person's actions can inspire social movements. 


Urban Fairytales

The creative grit and concrete spirit of urban cities inspires a lot of my work.

I love writing about street culture, both in Manchester and wherever I travel and work. I like connecting regional habits with global urban movements. 

I especially enjoy writing about contradictions in architecture, nature and how urbanism can change our social DNA.


Creative Spark

For me, there is a place for creativity in even the most commercial of projects. 

Creativity inspires out of the box thinking which can create bolder ideas and more memorable projects.

I work with small and large companies to strengthen brand image, heighten awareness and generate consistent communications and marketing.